With care of men’s health.

Striptease is the best medicine.

German scientist Karen Weatherby for about five years watched how striptease affecting men’s health. She studied the condition of two hundred men, one part of whom regularly visited such institutions, and the others did not go to strip clubs. The scientist found that over time, those who liked to sometimes relax in a strip club, by the end of the experiment had fewer health problems than those who neglected this art.

Sexual arousal, which a man experiences, looking at a beautiful female breast, improves the cardiovascular system, as well as increases the flow of blood and oxygen to the tissues of the body

According to scientists, the daily enjoyment of naked female breasts can reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke by 50 percent, as well as 5-7 years to extend life. The researchers concluded that light voyeurism has beneficial effects on the male body.

We care about our guests and we can say with confidence that those who systematically enjoy the show of our beautiful artists have no problems with excellent health!

With care of men's health.
Striptease in Honey Bunny stage