Every weekend at the Honey Bunny show-bar our girls immerse you in the entourage of the evening. Images, costumes, music - for us there are no trifles. Come and enjoy our unique atmosphere!
Welcome to HONEYWOOD
It's time to reset to zero! The new constitution of a beautiful holiday! South of Russia will host the party of the year - Welcome to HONEYWOOD! You should see this: 40 beauties, a welcome drink, unique offers for the best relaxation, a top presenter, without stopping from the best numbers on the club stage and, of course, you are in the spotlight! Welcome to HoneyWood!
20 - 21 march
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Ladies are ready
The most charming, beautiful and desirable LADIES are ready and waiting only for you! Spend an unforgettable holiday weekend in Honey Bunny!
6 - 8 march
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Soldiers get up
Soldiers get up! Emergency Mobilization! The holiday you deserve! 40 new recruits are waiting for you! The gathering place in Honey Bunny!
21 - 23 February
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On this and that
Tattoos can be treated differently, but it is always noticeable and bright. This weekend, our beauties look the same bold drawings. Come and get to a real exhibition of modern art, where the hottest girls of the South of Russia are the canvases!
7 - 8 February
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Brilliant Dreams
If you dream, then only the best! This weekend, in the Hani Bani show bar, there is a scattering of real diamonds on stage.
14 - 15 February
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Neon night
At nightfall, the bright elements are particularly noticeable. This weekend in the show bar Honey Bunny our beauties will plunge you into the world of the future. The future, where bright accents only emphasize the beauty of our dancers. You have to see this!
31 January - 1 February
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Role-playing games
Nurses, Police, Secretaries - these are images for those who have no imagination. The girls of the show bar Hani Bani can realize absolutely any image for you: from a strict teacher to the heroine of the film. This weekend we declare the time of role-playing games in the most atmospheric place of the South of Russia! Come and give free rein to your fantasies!
24 - 25 January
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Night of Red Lips
Each guest will definitely get their own unique kiss! Hands, clothes, clothes. Why exactly the red ones? Because red lipstick is not a remedy. This is a concept. This is a symbol. This is the most feminine of all shades. A night of attractive girls, graceful figures, beautiful smiles and looks! HONEY BUNNY. And of course the most unique atmosphere of the show bar.
17 - 18 January
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Happy Birthday Honey Bunny!
All november
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Summer Mess
The hottest month of the year not only on the street, but also in the walls of one of the most atmospheric places in the South. Hot and tanned Honey Boney Girls are waiting for you and will make your stay unforgettable. Come and get incomparable pleasure. New numbers from the ballet show and new faces every night Honey Boney
1 august - 31 august, 22:00
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Crazy July in Honey Bunny
We all love to have fun, but to hear in your address "You're crazy!" not everyone had to. Honey Bunny show bar is a place where you can relax like never before. Every evening more than 40 girls will try for your perfect evening. New numbers from show ballet will not leave you indifferent, and the updated crazy menu will surprise and will pleasantly please even the most experienced guests!
1 july - 31 july, 22:00
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Absolutely the summer months
The whole of June in the show bar Honey Bunny "quite the summer"! In our crazy-menu appeared "summer positions", which will please even the most sophisticated guests. More than 40 girls will gather on the stage to make your stay unforgettable! The Grand performance of our show ballet will not leave you indifferent. Show bar Honey Bunny - we always hot!
31 may - 30 june, 22:00
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